Bulletin / Prayer List 1-28-18

Where were you?
Sunday Morning Class: 14
AM Sermon: 17
PM Sermon: 15
Wednesday Evening Class: 13

Prayer List
We need to keep Kathy Hill in our prayers.
Jerry Harris is sick.
Dale Counts is recovering from surgery.
A friend of Kerry and Carla King Brian Scott is recovering from burns.
Robert Embry’s cousin Paul Deaugherty is recovering from a house wall following on him.
Chelsie (Cox) Serrano is home recovering from surgery.

Eddie and Tabitha Griffin , Florene and Jimmy Griffin, Betty Harris, Billie Phillips, Billie Bradford, Betty Clark, Eddie Hickerson, Gary Hickerson, Dorothy Hodges, Bobbi King, Audrey McKin, Beryl Miller, Della Price, and Eddie Rollins.

Serving in the military: 
Faith Balzen, 
Cody Blomstedt, 
Travis Counts, 
Tyler Davies, and 
Josh Van Deren, all are in the U.S... 
Chris Johnson has been deployed to Kuwait.

Let us pray for our country and government leaders and those who are in harms way, military and civilian personnel.
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much…

Fellowship is today after morning worship services. Everybody is invited and encouraged to attend.

Pantry Item: Paper Towels

February Announcements: Robert Embry
Lord Supper: Don Baker, Robert Courtney and Don Harrington
February 4 Prayers: Morning: Robert Courtney – Don Harrington
                    Evening: Don Baker – Kerry King
Scriptures: Robert Embry
Singing and Making Melody
By T. Pierce Brown

Paul says in Ephesians 5:19, “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”. It is probable that some person might assume that “speaking to yourselves” would mean “speak in such a fashion that no one could hear you”. If one has any other versions, it would be easy enough to check and see that they translate it “speaking to one another”. In this article, we do not intend to dwell on the difference in “psalms,” “hymns,” and “spiritual songs,” although there is a slight difference. We only mean to comment on the significance of the phrase “singing and making melody in your hearts”. The word “singing” is from the Greek term “ado” and is always used of vocal praise to God. It is used five times in the New Testament.
The term “making melody” is from the Greek word “psallo”, which means in the New Testament, “to sing a hymn”. The specific instruction here is that it is to be done in the heart. The singing is to be vocal music; the making melody (singing of a hymn of praise) is to be done in (from) the heart. In other words, it is not fitting and proper to merely sing a song. It is to be done from the inmost part of your life---the seat of your emotions and center of your being. Those who think their worship is superior to that of those who use instruments of music may be sadly mistaken. Going through the motions of singing without doing it in the proper spirit and with the understanding is vain worship just as playing on a mechanical instrument.
T. Pierce Brown (1923-2008) lived and preached in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA.