Bulletin / Prayer List September 22, 2019

MONTH                                                  September

ANOUNCEMENTS                               Robert Embry

SERVING THE LORD’S SUPPER     Jerry Harris     Walter McMillen
                                       Jerry Harris                  Kerry King
                                      Robert Embry              Greg Count
SCRIPTURE READING                                Robert Embry  

Prayer List
Norma Garza (friend of Walter) is in a lot of pain. She is waiting for her permanent device to be put in her back to help with her pain.

Joy Fowler (Charlie’s sister) is better. She has started shots to begin stem cell treatment.
Don Baker is still having problems with his back. Dr. has given him new meds.
Don Hickerson’s brother is doing some better. He is on medication to treat his heart and kidneys
Don Boyd (preacher friend of the Hickerson’s and Kings). His bladder cancer has returned, doctors are planning an aggressive treatment plan that may include the removal of his bladder.
Carmen Loftice is doing some better.
Eddie Roland’s surgery has been re-scheduled for Oct 7th and then plan for his shoulder surgery.
Brayden Counts (Charlie & Helen’s great grandson) has been moved to St. Jude’s in Memphis Tennessee. So far, he is doing well with his treatments to fight cancer.
Rebekah Van Deren is having problems with her enzymes in her pancreas.
Charlie Counts is still waiting for tests before he has a defibrillator installed.
Candy Hunter Inman (Floyce Hunter’s daughter) is doing better.
Monte Randolph (Kerry’s cousin) – brain cancer has taken a turn for the worse. Hospice has been called in and doctors estimate he has just a few weeks left.
Kerry King is scheduled to have knee surgery on November 18th.

Men Serving Next Week   09/29/2019                 Morning                                Evening
                                                                            Don Baker                         Walter McMillen 
                                                                            Don Hickerson                   Charlie Counts 

  1. Six Words Worth Heeding
  2. By Mike Riley

In looking at Scripture, I’ve often wondered how King Solomon might have summed up his life in six words. As a young man, he could have written: “God has given me great wisdom” (1 Kings 4:29-34).
But in his later years, he might have said: “Should have practiced what I preached” (1 Kings 11:1-8).
During his kingly reign, distinguished by peace and prosperity, Solomon developed spiritual heart problems. When he was old, “his wives turned his heart after other gods; and his heart was not loyal to the Lord his God, as was the heart of his father David” (1 Kings 11:4).

The result was God’s displeasure and a sad end to a previously exemplary life (1 Kings 11:9-10).
The many times that Solomon uses the word “vanity” [empty or meaningless] in Ecclesiastes, may indicate his disillusionment about life and its many challenges.

This once-wise king who had it all, pondered it all and lost it all, ended the book with these six words
“Fear God and keep His commandments” (Ecclesiastes 12:13).
Brethren and friends, now these are six words worth heeding!