Buletin / Prayer List October 27 2019


Greg Counts

Robert Embry        Kerry King


MORNING                  EVENING
Walter McMillen        Robert Embry
AC Quinn                  Charlie Counts

Greg Counts

Don Baker is still having problems with his back. He had 2 MRI’s last week.
Brayden Counts (Charlie & Helen’s great grandson) will be going back to St.
Judes in Memphis TN soon to begin another round of chemo
Eddie Roland had to be taken back to the hospital with blood pressure
Beryl Miller is having some tests.
Norma Garza is scheduled to have her permanent device for controlling her
back pain implanted on Nov 11 th .
Helen Counts has been having back trouble.
Ollie Howell (friend of Ruby’s) has begun chemotherapy.

Remember in Daily Prayer:
Don Hickerson (heart), Zack Folkes (cancer), Evette Stewart (COPD),
Kathy Hill (cancer), Betty Clark (cancer – in remission), Joy Fowler (cancer),
Beryl Miller (macular degeneration), Don Boyd (cancer), Lucus Drews (rare cancer),
Florene Griffin (back & hip), Scott, Judy & Tonya McMillen, Norma Garza,
Monte Randolph (Cancer), Rebekah Van Deren (Pancreas),
Carmen Loftice (foot)

Serving Our Country:
Cody Blomstedt (Korea)  Kirklynn Hance, Kirk Johnson (US)
Tyler Davies is scheduled to deploy to Dubai.

Men Serving Next Week November 3, 2019
Prayers: Morning:      Jerry Harris – Don Hickerson
Evening:                    Kerry King – Greg Counts 

Men Serving Next Month:
Announcements/Scripture Reading     Jerry Harris
Lord’s Supper                                      Walter McMillen, Greg Counts
Pantry Item: Canned vegetables.

Time changes November 3 rd

Don’t forget to set your clocks back 1 hour before
you go to bed Saturday night!!!!

                                            Our One Yard
                                        by Shane Williams

What would you think of a business establishment if you passed by
every day and saw the same thing: grass needing to be mowed, weeds
taking over, the color is not a uniform green, and maybe there were
dead spots scattered about? You might not think too much about it or
maybe you would. However, IF the place of business was home to a
lawn care company, you would probably take notice. The irony would
be too great. You probably would not accept an excuse that they were
too busy or didn't have time to showcase their talents on their own

Throughout history, the people of God have been in a similar position.
They have always been on display, representing the true and living
God. Unfortunately, as the apostle Paul pointed out, many professing
Christians have been a poor example for the Lord.

The Jewish Christians thought themselves better than the Gentiles,
even though they were guilty of the same sins. "Therefore you are
without excuse, every man of you who passes judgment, for in that you
judge another, you condemn yourself, for you who judge another,
practice the same things ... And do you suppose this, O man, when you
pass judgment upon those who practice such things, and do the same
ourself, that you will escape the judgment of God? ... For the name of
God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you" (Romans

Today, as we call ourselves Christians, we have a name to live up to.
People naturally watch us, just as we do others. They want to see if
what we claim to have is really working -- right in our own yard. Are
we consistent? Or do we blaspheme the Holy Name of God because of
our claims versus our actions?

Bible Verse of the week

J – Jesus: Matthew 1:21