Bulletin / Prayer List December 15 2019

Bulletin Prayer List December 15 2019:

Kerryhas developed an infection after knee replacement surgery, he is taking antibiotics.
James Griffin is in TMC.
Dwight  Pool (Paula’s son-inlaw) has bone cancer & is scheduled to begin treatment.
Betty Clark (Paula’s sister) fell & broke her leg.
Don Baker  is going to a pain management doctor, Dannie is still having problems with allergies & her leg, their grandaughter is out of the hospital.
Don Boyd  had to have his bladder removed due to cancer, & has a DVT.
Brayden Counts (Charlie & Helen’s great grandson) is in St Judes in Memphis Tennessee. He is having a hard time with chemo treatments.
Jeremiah Morrow a friend of Ruby Sloan had a shunt placed in his brain is home now.
Beverly Roberts ( AC’s neighbor) has MS.

Remember in Daily Prayer:

Charlie Counts (heart), Zack Folkes (cancer), Evette Steward (COPD), Kathy Hill (cancer), Betty Clark (cancer ,  in remission), Beryl Miller (macular degeneration), Lucus Drews (rare cancer), Florene Griffin (back & hip) Monty Randolph Cancer) Rebekah Van Deren(Pancreas)
Steve Kerrvin (Friend of Gregg), Ruth Stone (wife of Gregg’s boss) Don Boyd (Cancer). Scott,Judy & Tonya McMillen, Norma Garza.

Serving Our Country:
Cody Blumstead (Korea) Josh Van Deren, Kirklynn Hance, Kirk Johnson (US), Tyler Davies is scheduled to deploy to Dubai.

Pantry Item: Non-Perishable Items

Fellowship Luncheon for December Has been canceled.

Men Serving Next Week December 22, 2019
Prayers: Morning: Greg Counts –  Walter McMillen
                Evening:  Don Baker   –   Robert Embry

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a  righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16)

The Greatest Need in America
By Phil Sanders

We’ve been thinking much about the state of our country. Economic woes,fear of enemies, health concerns, natural disasters, spiritual decline, and confused morality call for our attention; and we continually ask what God’s will is for this country.
We are perplexed but not surprised that the fastest growing religious group in America is the group that identifies themselves as having “no religion.” According to the American Religious Identification Survey taken in 2001, adults who do not subscribe to any religious identification has more than doubled from 14.3 million in 1990 to 29.4 million in 2001; their proportion has grown from just eight percent of the total in 1990 to over fourteen percent in 2001. Only 77 percent of Americans now claim to be Christians.
Many of those who claim to be Christians have convictions far different from the teaching of the New Testament. For instance, the Pew Forum recently released a survey saying that 65 percent of American Christians say that many religions can lead to eternal life, a fact that contradicts Jesus’ plain statement in
John 14:6 (see also Acts 4:12; Ephesians 4:4-6).
What America needs most is the gospel, the old story of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord. That divine story will lead them to change their hearts and lives in repentance and to unite with Christ in baptism. The gospel will open their hearts to faith, hope, and love.
            Bible Verse of the Week 
              O – Obey (Rom 6:16)