Bulletin / Prayer List May 10, 2020

Tom Bean church of Christ

                                                         May 10,2020

    We have canceled Sunday PM worship & Wednesday PM Bible study.

 209 South Brown Street Tom Bean, Tx 75489
 Phone: (903) 546-6620
 Email: tombeancoc@gmail.com 
Website: tombeancoc.com 

                    ELDERS              DEACONS             PREACHER
                  Charlie Counts     Greg Counts         Kerry King
                  Robert Embry                                                      
                  Kerry King    
                                 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES 

                            Sunday      Bible Study            9:00 AM
                                            Worship                10:00 AM 
                                            PM Worship            5:00  PM

                           Tuesday    Ladies Class           10:00 AM 

                           Wednesday Bible Study           7:00 PM 

Greg Counts
                                     Robert Embry                   Jerry Harris

MORNING                            EVENING

                                 AC Quinn
                                Greg Counts


Greg Counts


Don Baker is still having a lot of pain with his back. The doctors at the Pain
Clinic have not been able to solve his issues.

Leta Embry was supposed to have another treatment Friday, but it was
postponed until next Friday due to her blood count.

Charlie Ellis is in the hospital with a heart valve problem. He is not doing
very well.

Remember in Daily Prayer:

Cancer: Kathy Hill, Elaine Yniguez, Joy Fowler, Betty Clark, Don Boyd, Lucus
Drews, Brayden Counts, Ruth Stone (Greg’s bosses’ wife), Sue Pray, Jesse
Farrer (Tom Bean schoolboard president), Sharon Ditto (friend of Jan), Gordy
Hicks, Mary Estep.

Macular Degeneration: AC Quinn, Beryl Miller

Others: Florene Griffin (back & hip), Beverly Roberts (MS), Scott, Judy &, Tonya McMillen, Norma Garza, Carmen Loftice, Dannie Baker (severe allergies),
Steve Dupuis (heart, AC’s son in law), Bill Davis (stroke), Walter McMillen
(TIA), June Witaker (mini strokes), Darril Slone (Mysathenia Gravis), Don &
Jewel Tarbet (Car Wreck), Orange Hughes (Stroke), Brenda Loftice (eye

Our prayers go out the Robert Embry and his family in the death of his
nephew’s wife, Angie Embry.

Serving Our Country:

Cody Blomstedt (Korea), Kirklynn Hance, Kirk Johnson (Kuwait)Tyler Davies is scheduled to deploy to Dubai, Jesse Thetford (deployed to Afghanistan).

Police & First Responders, Medical Staff & Doctors:

Travis Counts, Dalton Griffin, Chelsie Serrano

Men Serving Next Week May 17, 2020


Morning:                                         Evening:

Jerry Harris –    
Walter McMillen

Pantry Item: Canned Vegetables.

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another,
                     that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a

Our Master Makes The Difference

By Tom Moore

As I have worked among men and women as a gospel preacher, I have
become increasingly aware of one thing. It is the boss, the manager, the
Master in people & lives who makes the difference in their destiny.

I have known some very wealthy men, and many very successful professional
people. Despite their dazzling outward show of success, despite their
affluence and their prestige, they remained poor in spirit, shriveled in soul,
and unhappy in life. They were joyless people held in the iron grip and
heartless ownership of the wrong master.

By way of contrast, I have numerous friends among relatively poor people -
people who have known hardship, disaster and the struggle to stay afloat
financially. But because they belong to Christ and have recognized Him as
Lord and Master of their lives, their owner and manager, they are permeated
by a deep, quiet, settled peace that is beautiful to behold.

It is indeed a delight to visit some of these humble homes where men and
women are rich in spirit, generous in heart and large of soul. They radiate a
serene confidence and quiet joy that overcomes all the tragedies of their
time. They are under God's care and they know it. They have entrusted
themselves to the Word of God and its control and found contentment.

Remember the word of Paul,  I can do all things through Christ which
strengtheneth me (Phil. 4:13). Never forget that " According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue  (2 Pet.1:3)". Never forget that we cannot serve two masters (Mat. 6:24)!

Who is your true master? True peace and joy comes from making the Lord
our one and only Master. Our future destiny depends on the master we

Think About It!