Bulletin / Prayer List 2-18-18

Where were you?
Sunday Morning Class: 10
AM Sermon: 13
PM Sermon: Howe
Wednesday Evening Class: 7

Prayer List
We need to keep Kathy Hill in our prayers.
Don Baker is ill.
Kerry King has the flu.
Dale Counts is being treated for cancer.
Angel Mowdy is recovering from surgery and her children have the flu.
Ben Harrington is at Baylor Scott White in McKinney, having pancreatitis again.

Eddie and Tabitha Griffin , Florene and Jimmy Griffin, Jerry and Betty Harris,, Billie Phillips, Billie Bradford, Betty Clark, Eddie Hickerson, Gary Hickerson, Paul Daugherty, Dorothy Hodges, Bobbi King, Audrey McKin, Beryl Miller, Della Price, Eddie Rollins, Brian Scott.

Serving in the military: 
Faith Balzen, 
Cody Blomstedt, 
Travis Counts, 
Tyler Davies; 
Josh Van Deren will be deployed to Africa in July, all are in the U.S... 
Chris Johnson is back in the U.S...

Let us pray for our country and government leaders and those who are in harms way, military and civilian personnel.
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much…

The Men’s Business Meeting is today after evening services. All Men are invited and encouraged to attend.

Fellowship is next Sunday Feb. 28 after morning services. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Pantry Item: Canned Tuna

February 25 Prayers: Morning: Greg Counts – Robert Courtney
                      Evening: Don Harrington – Kerry King
Scriptures: Robert Embry
Lack of Knowledge
By Robert Courtney

I am sure everyone has heard about the school shooting in Florida this week. It was a tragedy for the families that lost their love ones. Since 1999 there has been over 100 school shootings.
As in the past there has been lots of talk suggesting causes and solutions. However, very little has been done to prevent this type of violence. Great Britain had this problem and their investigation showed that the root cause was the disintegration of the family.
What seems to be the problem in America?”
There are many problems in our country and they have to do with the lack of God in people lives and the obedience to His will. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Since the late 1960’s there has been a push to remove God out of the lives of the people. These efforts have been successful and we can see the results.
If one will read Jeremiah one can readily tell the people have the same problem as America; they have a lack of knowledge of God. As in Jeremiah’s time the people’s attitude toward God became worse and worse resulting in God’s anger toward the people. God sent Jeremiah to warn the people of their sins but they did not listen to him; most people do not listen to Him today.
We believe we can do what we want and pay attention to God how we want; kind of “out of sight out of mind”. Nothing is further from the truth. We are to put God first in our life, not last. I would suspect we would not treat our jobs that way. Too many times “Christ Like” becomes a title and not a way of life. Jesus said “if you love Me you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15).
Just what does this commandment mean to you? Jesus also said, “he that rejecteth Me, receiveth not My words, hath one that judgeth him; that the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day” (John 12:48).
Do you believe that God will judge America for its sins? Do you believe God will punish us for our sins?
Just as God punish Judah and Israel, He too will punish us.