Prayer / Bulletin List August 25 2019

Prayer List:

Don Baker is still having problems with his back.
Don Hickerson’s brother is doing some better. He is taking new medication
for his kidneys.
Carmen Loftice has requested our prayers
Eddie Roland is having some trouble with infection (sinus and other
places). Doctors are trying to figure out what is needed. He will
have his other hip surgery done and then plan for his shoulder
Brayden Counts (Charlie & Helen’s great grandson) has been moved to St
Judes in Memphis Tennessee. He has begun his treatments to
fight the cancer.
Rebekah Van Deren is having problems with her enzymes in her pancreas.
Joy Fowler, Charlie’s sister is responding to treatment and doing some
Charlie Counts went to the cardiologist on Thursday. The doctor is thinking
they will put in a defibrillator instead of a pacemaker. He will have
some more tests over the next 2 weeks to be sure.

Remember in Daily Prayer:
Zack Folkes (cancer), Evette Stewart (COPD), Kathy Hill (cancer),
Betty Clark (cancer – in remission), Beryl Miller (macular degeneration),
Jennifer Cox (heart), Lucus Drews (rare cancer), Florene Griffin (back & hip)

Serving Our Country:

Cody Boomstead (Korea)
Josh Van Deren, Kirklynn Hance, Kirk Johnson (US)
Tyler Davies is scheduled to deploy to Dubai.
Luncheon after morning services today. Everyone is welcome.

Men Serving Next Month
Announcements – Robert Embry
Lord’s Supper – Jerry Harris, Walter McMillen
Men Serving Next Week September 1, 2019
Prayers: Morning: Robert Embry – Jerry Harris
Evening: Kerry King – Greg Counts
“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another,
that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
(James 5:16)

Worship 6:00 PM Bible Study 7:00 PM

How The Church Voted
(Somewhere in Texas…)

The church on the corner took a series of votes on matters of
importance to the congregation and the results were not just
surprising, but alarming. Listed below are some of the issues that
were voted on, along with the final tallies:
Sing during worship? 90% 10%
Partake of communion weekly? 78% 22%
Worship on Sunday evening? 49% 51%
Attend Wednesday Bible Class? 39% 61%
Give generously to the Lord? 20% 80%
Visit the sick in hospitals? 15% 85%
Visit those in nursing homes? 12% 88%
When asked how the votes were taken< the elders replied that
the members were not asked their opinions on these matters, nor
were they asked what the Bible taught. Instead of asking for a show
of hands, the congregation voted with their feet! In other words, if
their feet brought them to services on Wednesday they voted “for’
attending Wednesday evening services. If their feet did not carry
them to Wednesday Bible Class, they voted “against.” They also voted
with their voices (singing), participation (communion), and wallets
The elders felt that a show of hands would have produced a
result more in keeping with the guidance of Scripture but taking the
votes in this manner allowed them to find out how the members lived,
and not just claimed to believe. If your vote had been tallied, how
would you have voted: FOR or AGAINST?